(Immortal Necromancer)
MonocyteMONOCYTE is a four-issue bimonthly creator-owned occult action-adventure comic by menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari to be published by IDW Publishing.

The story finds two warring immortal races ruling a scarred world where time has no meaning. Death (Azrael) sits impotent, quietly planning his restoration. He summons MONOCYTE, a forgotten immortal necromancer who long ago chose sleep in his failed quest to die. With a fatal pact sealed, MONOCYTE strikes out as Azrael’s vicious proxy.

Issue#1 is in the August issues of PREVIEWS and will be available in October with an incentive cover by Ashley Wood plus two additional stories by Riley Rossmo and David Stoupakis.

“A fantastic new addition to the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Filled with menton3’s beautiful artwork, MONOCYTE combines cerebral complexity and entertainment in one damn fine package.” - Ashley Wood

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