Mindzai Graphics

(Designers/Illustrators/Print Makers/Sign Painters/Tattooers/Artists)

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Mindzai Graphics


Mindzai Creative is a boutique design studio, print shop, gallery space and boasts its own art print and apparel line. Our team is made up of Designers, Illustrators, Print Makers, Sign Painters, Tattooers and Artists, all heavily involved with events that help strengthen the art communities. At Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con, we will have several limited edition prints and apparel featuring the work of tattooers, comic book artists, street artists and illustrators.

We are also a full service print shop, specializing in high quality digital art reproduction (watercolor prints, giclee archival printing), as well as all the fun stuff like die cut stickers, promotional items, postcards and business cards. Check out www.mindzai.net for more information about what we do.

We cant wait to meet you!