Don't miss the first known drawing of Mickey Mouse at Big Apple Comic Con
MICKEY MOUSE AT BIG APPLE COMIC CON See the most important piece of cartoon art at the Wizard booth on the floor of Big Apple Comic Con.

It has been said that Mickey Mouse is the most recognized character of the twentieth century. Making his first appearance in 1928 in thirty-six storyboard sketches on six pages for a silent cartoon titled “Plane Crazy,” Mickey has gone from an anonymous plane-building rodent to one of the all-time icons of cinematic and cultural history.

Most experts concur that the use of storyboards was invented at the Disney Studio. Although at Disney storyboards didn't come into general use until 1933, the “Plane Crazy” story sketches of 1928 are clearly a precursor to the full-fledged storyboards that would become a staple of cinematic process. These sketches were typical of the format in which stories would thereafter be presented at Disney.

Once the panels were drawn, Disney marked his direction for animation. Checks, double checks, numbers, lined numbers, circled numbers, numbers in different colors-all of these marks held significant meaning as to how the film would be animated. An “X” or “Cut” was written to note a deletion, long and close shots were noted by the hand of Disney as well.

The drawings are remarkable not only for their astounding historical significance, but for the aesthetic appeal as well. Reflecting both the talents of the artists and the director, they are beautifully drafted and overwhelmingly charming.

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