Mikey Babinski

(Inker - Scarlet Spider; Deadpool; Amazing Spider-Man; Fear Itself; X-23; Wonder Woman)

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Mikey Babinski is a professional inker whose dramatic lines have graced the pages of DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and a slew of independent books. You might have seen his work in JSA vs. Kobra, Power of Shazam, Wonder Woman, or Outsiders from DC. At Marvel, he slung ink on She Hulks, X23, Hulk vs. Dracula, Amazing Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, and Deadpool covers. Independent works include The Perhapanauts for Image Comics, Farscape at BOOM! and various Sniper and Rook projects at Beta 3 Comics.

Not content to rest on his inking laurels, Mikey has expanded his artistic wings and has served as a sketchcard artist on the following series: Star Wars Galaxy Series 7, The Walking Dead Series 2, Star Wars Galactic Files, and Blood & Glory.