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Mike Tiscareno


Mike Tiscareno is a professional freelance illustrator residing in Southern California, He has been drawing/painting nearly his whole life, He primarily specializes in concept art, but he can also do much more ranging from, portraiture, matte paintings, custom illustrations, comic art (sequential panels/ covers) photo manipulations, cartooning, caricatures, photo-realism, storyboards, graphic design/ logo design, and many more. Mike does the majority of his work digitally in photoshop or sketchbook pro. However if need be he can work very in both pencils,pens, colored pencils, markers, pastels, and other traditional mediums as well.

Mike has helped many clients all around the globe.

He strives to meet/exceed any deadline put in front of him, and Mike will also do all it takes to help his clients visions come to life through his artwork.

He uses DeviantArt and he has a BlogSpot to show his art online.

DeviantArt- Http://thesadpencil.deviantart.com

BlogSpot- Http://MikeTiscarenoArt.blogspot.com