Mike Riley

(Artist - ITasteSound.com)

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Mike Riley


Mike Riley is a native of Baltimore where he has drawn and painted since he could hold things. He began drawing comics in the margins of math quizzes to irritate teachers, but in recent months has been using them to irritate a much wider audience. Riley posts new single-panel comics twice a week with occasional daily mini-series runs at ITasteSound.com, and published the first collected volume of his posts in May of 2011.

Prior to launching ITasteSound.com Riley graduated from Towson University with a degree in Fine Arts and showed paintings regionally. He also completed a number of design commissions for sports teams and musicians throughout North America and discussed his art during multiple cable access appearances (in spite of a temporary ban for a particularly frank discussion of superhero anatomy). Partly due to head injuries that make him think more things are funny than actually are, his creative energies are now solely focused on making comics.