Mike Perkins

(Artist - Astonishing X-Men; Captain America; Stephen King's The Stand; Hawkeye: Blindspot; Power Man and Iron Fist; Fantastic Four; Thor: Wolves of the North; House of M: Masters of Evil; Marvelman Family's Finest; Civil War: House of M; Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust; Uncanny X-Men; X-Factor)

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Mike Perkins


Mike Perkins is an illustrator for Marvel Comics having previously worked on Captain America, X-Men and Thor. He recently wrapped up the 31 issue adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand. He is currently illustrating Astonishing X-Men. He has been nominated numerous times for Eisner and Harvey Awards and, as well as winning the Eagle Award, counts being on the New York Times Bestseller list amongst his career achievements.

As an opening salvo in a biography, being raised by Wolves certainly has a resounding ring to it. Although, before you start envisioning Mike Perkins as some Burroughs-esqe Tarzanic jungle lord it's probably best to point out that the Wolves were the local football team and the closest he's come to living in the jungle is residing in Tampa.

Beginning his comic career in the esteemed pages of 2000ad ( Future Shocks, Terror Tales, Judge Dredd and the co-created Carver Hale) Mike went on to illustrate sequential storytelling in both pencil and ink for Caliber Comics ( Kilroy, Black Mist, Necroscope, Amongst The Stars, Doctor Faustus, Saint Germaine and Negative Burn), Marvel U.K.( Biker Mice From Mars, Wind in The Willows), Games Workshop (Hellbrandt Grimm, Warhammer) D.C. comics and Dark Horse ( Big Books of Scandal and The Seventies, Martian Manhunter, JSA, Green Lantern/Aliens, Superman/Terminator). In 2001 Mike moved to Florida to work in the studio environs of CrossGen relinquishing his pencil for inking opportunities on the multi award-nominated Ruse alongside Mark Waid and Scott Beatty, Butch Guice and Laura Martin. After a while his penciling fingers started itching again and he created Archard's Agents and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to showcase his abilities. When Crossgen went the way of the Dodo Marvel Comics jumped in , promoting his visa requirements to Alien of Extraordinary Ability ( no, really!) and Mike started illustrating for The House of Ideas on DistrictX, Spider-Man Unlimited and the Elektra movie adaptation. This work lead to the co-creation of Spellbinders, collaborating once again with the magnificent Mike Carey.

Whilst penciling this project Mr. Perkins was also inking Captain America and went on to pencil and ink alternate arcs on the highly acclaimed run alongside Steve Epting, Ed Brubaker and Frank DArmata resulting in multiple Eisner nominations, Harvey and Eagle awards. Alongside his work on Captain America Mike also illustrated mini series runs on Union Jack, X-Men: Endangered Species, House of M:Avengers and Annihilation: Conquest as well as contributing to the Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust One-Shot.

His most recent work has been illustrating Marvel's 30 issue adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand and he is also inking the long lost Teen Titans graphic novel Games.

Check out his work at www.mikeperkinsart.com and http://perkyposts.blogspot.com/