Mikel Janín
(Artist - JLA; Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons; Justice League Dark; Detective Comics)
Mikel JanínMikel Janín has worked as penciler, inker and cover artist in comics since 2010. Most of his work has been made for DC Comics. Janin is better known for Justice League Dark, where he has illustrated every regularly monthly issue, save for three fill-ins, as well as an Annual and many covers, with scripts of so well known writers as Peter Milligan, Jeff Lemire or J.M. DeMatteis. He was part of the 2013 summer event “Trinity War”, featuring all major DC Universe characters, including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Also, he did a short back-up story in Detective Comics #19 (the celebratory 900th issue of the series) among other collaborations with DC.
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