Mike Ellis
(Artist - Pieces of Eights; True Groove; Number 4 - Bobby Orr; Little Logan Adventures; Hey Kids - Fantasy, What if...Dinosaurs)
Mike EllisMike is a comic book writer/artist, amateur beard-growing aficionado and level 8 bardbarian. He began spitefully making comics while attending the University of Toronto.

The comics there were terrible and after one fateful day, where the comics in the schoolís newspaper were so bad he shouted, ďI could make a better comic!Ē And heís been making them ever since. See? Spite, itís a powerful motivator!

Currently heís creating the fantasy misadventure, Pieces of Eights. Itís dungeons and dragons in a no-pants, drunken-pirate setting! Thatís right, PIRATE MAGIC!

SIDE QUEST: Heís dyslexic! Which leads to all kinds of texting misadventures!
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