Mike Charles

(Artist - The Calling)

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Mike Charles


My journey into the world of comics began at an early age, due in part to my mother and her brothers (my Uncles Charles and Main) who read comics and encouraged me use my imagination. Following their advise I began reading more comics and started saving lunch money to start my own comic-book collection. It wasn't long before my pursuits lead me to the world of animation, especially japanimation (as it was called in the late 80's early 90's). I remember watching Speed Racer (from Tatsunoko Productions), Gatachman or as we here in the states knew it , Battle of the Planets (Yoshitaka Amano), but the series that truly started me on my path to mech design was Robotech (from Harmon Gold). For there I just kept getting deeper and deeper into the way the mechs were thought out and begun experimenting with my own designs. During middle school i had a friendly revival in the mech design field, my best-friend Dexter S. Kimble (he was killed in Iraq in January 2005 in a Marine Corps Helicopter crash, he was a helluva artist). Without Dexter and I constantly trying to one up the other I doubt that my design skills would have developed as they did. during one of our "battle" I happened to be at the Waldenbooks with my mom, now mined you they didn't have the greatest comic selection to choose from, but they had a book they would influence the way I design most of my mechs. It was at that store I found a first printing of Shirow Masamune's Appleseed (one of my all-time favorite artist). This chance encounter lead me to seek out more of his work and similar books. This lead to me find the Macross Perfect Memory Book that features the design work of two more of my top favorite artist Kawamori Shoji and Kazutaka Miyatake (of Studio Nue fame).

By time I got to the be a senior in high school I had made up my that i would work in the design field and the I would produce my very own comics and from there get into animation. So when I entered college at Prairie View A&M University I enrolled in the school of design and learned what it would take to accomplish my goals. While at PV I meant Professor Tally a surreal artist but one of the best designers in the south, he gave me tips on how to push my work to the next level. Upon leaving PV I enrolled at the Art Institute of Houston to learn more on how to get my career as a designer rolling. It was their I found that I would have to be the driving force behind my dreams, to be a comic artist/designer.

Now a few years later and with a lot of determination (and heavy lost of my best friend) I feel that now is the time for me to make my move and let the comic-book and animation worlds see what i can do!

It's now or never!

Michael Charles, aka MC