Mike Allred

(Artist/Writer - Madman; Superman; Thor; X-Men; Spider-Man)

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Mike Allred


Allred began his career as a TV reporter in Europe, and started drawing comics in 1989 with the 104-page OGN Dead Air (Slave Labor Graphics). Following this up with his similarly-titled works Graphique Musique (SLG, 1990) and Grafik Muzik (Caliber Comics 1990/91), he set out the style that he was to become known for with his most famous character: Madman.

The first Madman miniseries debuted from Tundra Publishing in March 1992, and gained higher recognition with its move to Dark Horse Comics in April 1994. Relaunched as Madman Comics, it went on to be nominated for several Harvey Awards. Allred himself gained further mainstream attention with the science-fiction/rock-and-roll comic Red Rocket 7 and his art for writer Peter Milligan's series X-Force, which he began drawing in July 2001, and subsequently became X-Statix after X-Force #128.

His most recent work includes several projects at Marvel including, Daredevil, Wolverine and the X-Men, and the FF series written by his pal, Matt Fraction. He's also currently producing a big Madman 3D Special to be released next year.