Miguel Zamora
(Concept Designer - Signart and Graphic Expressions)
Miguel ZamoraStep right up folks. You paid your nickel, so come on in… The result of a dare, Miguel A. Zamora presents American Art Sideshow Studio a labor of love and exploration which began in 2009.

Miguel is a Concept Designer and Artist based out of San Marcos, Texas. He works as head graphic designer for Sign Arts and Graphic Expressions; he received his undergrad degree from Texas A&M Kingsville and his Master’s Degree as well. He also has a Communication Design degree from Texas State and is a certified Art Teacher.

With over twenty years experience in the art field, he creates digital prints, custom painting, toys, as well a vinyl decals, custom vehicle graphics and logo designs.

Miguel is currently writing and illustrating two graphic, novels a Steampunk western, and a Noir style who done it.

So with the tip of the hat and the wink of an eye, step on through the tent flap… if you dare.
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