(Artist/Writer - Conan O’Brien Flaming ‘C’; Furrlough; Genus; Hit The Beach; Milk; Gold Digger Special Issues; Antarctic Press Specials Issues)
MickmoMickmo has been doing various genres of comic projects and art for latter half of 20+ years. Mickmo latest creation is The Masque Of Ten-Thousand Deaths. A fantasy/horror comic book published through Indyplanet about an ancient death mask. Mickmo has also done artwork for Conan O’Brien and TBS, including a version of The Flaming “C” and art for CONAN NYC in 2011. Mickmo has also done art and writing for Radio Comix, Antarctic Press and Serial Killer Magazine. [Mickmo was included in 17 issues of Furrlough, Genus, Hit The Beach and Milk on the Radio Comix side. And various artwork for Gold Digger Annuals/Swimsuits, a Ninja High School 20 and even art for Pirates Vs. Ninjas Annual 20 through Antarctic Press.] Mickmo is also a resident of the Kansas City, Missouri area.

ART SITE: http://mickmoart.deviantart.com
THE MASQUE OF TEN-THOUSAND DEATHS ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/mickmosmasque
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