Michael “Knightmage” Wilson
Michael “Knightmage” WilsonMichael “Knightmage” Wilson was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and now resides in Youngstown, Ohio.

A current 15 year veteran Deputy Sheriff, Michael has been cosplaying since 2012 but the love for the comic and video game genre has been in his heart since he was little as it shows when he creates and puts his costumes on. Having many of his creations praised and displayed on numerous platforms, Michael has judged multiple cosplay contests as well as hosted cosplay panels at many conventions showcasing the positive, inspiring and supportive side of cosplay.

Also having a love for acting and stunt work, Michael has had the opportunity to work on different Hollywood comic book movie productions. First the 2006 film “Spiderman 3”. Having being bit by the creative bug, that same year Michael auditioned for the reality show “Who Wants To Be A Superhero” hosted by Stan Lee. Michael developed a character named “Knightmage” for the show and was made a possible alternate for the broadcast. Michael would once again capture an opportunity in 2011 when he was cast in the Hollywood blockbuster film “The Avengers” as well as in “The Dark Knight Rises”. Most recently he was an extra in Captain America 2: Winter Soldier. Michael is also a member of the independent production company “Together Brother Productions” which produced such fan films as “Clash in the Knight, The Legion of Injustice and most recently The Joe Files and Flash Fall”. Michael and Together Brothers are currently working on a documentary titled “Cosplay is Colorblind”. Other projects include "Project: Lex" brought to you by Superhero Photography by Adam Jay” as well as “Fighters Cause”.

Michael also is a spokes model for the independent comic company “Shot In The Dark Comics” having his likeness used for an upcoming original superhero comic character.

Genuinely loving to entertain, make a positive impact and bring smiles, Michael most often uses his costuming by participating in many charitable events, benefits, parades, birthdays and hospital visits to children. This has led him to becoming a member of esteemed costuming groups such as “The League of Heroes, The Heroes Alliance-Ohio Branch, East Coast Avengers and Superheroes to Kids in Ohio”. Michael often works closely with local and national charity organizations as a sponsor, such as The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Putting Downs First , Angels for Animals and many others. This has led Michael to making the "Knightmage: Cosplay Against/Awareness Campaign". In 2014 Michael was awarded the “Presidential Volunteers Award” for his charitable deeds through cosplaying.

If you wish, become a fan at www.Facebook.com/Knightmage1 and follow on Twitter @Knightmage
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