Michael Mayne
(Creator/Writer/Artist - Bonnie Lass: The Legend)
Michael MayneMichael is freelance illustrator from northeastern Kentucky, currently living in Portsmouth, OH. Mostly self-taught and having already provided illustrations for a string of small-press children’s books, he did graduate with a BFA in Visual Design in 2008, at which time he began developing the story for Bonnie Lass, with the aide of co-writer Tyler Fluharty. After many revisions and even an old fashioned "back-to-square-one," Bonnie Lass: The Legend was picked up by Red 5 Comics as the flagship title in their new "digital-first" line. The piratical mini-series is currently available through digital comics vendors ComiXology and iVerse.

Michael also recently provided the interior artwork for Bluewater’s femme fatale action-fest VSS vs. Gearz one-shot, as well as other pinups and covers for their upcoming Rain mini-series. Currently Michael is providing covers, layouts and inks on another independent title, Massively Effective—a pastiche of superhero and "buddy comedy" stories—as well collaborating on an up-and-coming property with industry veteran Rusty Gilligan.

Michael spends his free time worrying about expenses and the deadlines he’s supposed to be taking a break from, though he’d much prefer to simply enjoy good company, movies, games and comics. Karaoke on Friday nights fits into the mix occasionally.
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