Michael Kulick


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Michael Kulick was born in Whitestone NY. A native New Yorker, Michael currently resides in Florida. The duality of his experience - growing up both a northern and a southerner - emanates from his works. He is deeply inspired by both the fast, dynamic life of NYC and the relaxed, passionate nature of the South. Kulick's artistic experience includes, but is not limited to, oils, acrylics, pastels, pen and ink, wood, clay, and latex. Kulick exemplifies the dynamic nature of today's ultra-modern and eccentric society. Inspired by a wide variety of genres, influenced by a plethora of artists, Kulick steadily keeps his mind and his palette wide open.

Michael Kulick has exhibited works in New York City and throughout central Florida. Namely, The Skinny and the AV Style Lab, both in Manhattan, and the Soapstone Gallery in Brooklyn. Most recently, Kulick has had works on display at The Abbey and the CityArts Factory, both in Orlando, and The Appleton Museum in Ocala.