Michael Kenworthy
(Actor - Return of the Living Dead Part II; The Blob; 'night, Mother)
Michael KenworthyI am only tuning 35, have done 72 commercials, was the next door neighbor on Growing Pains for 4 –5 years, after my parents turned down the role of playing Ben Seaver – which I am glad about now, I know Jeremy – he is not happy fellow. I was also on General Hospital for a long time, did tv shows from Punky Brewster, to My Two Dads, Just the ten of us, Doogie Houser, several episodes of Webster, and several movies not mentioned, like “The Giving Tree” - by Shell Silverstein, “Night Mother” with Sissy Spacec and Anne Bancroft, - admittedly they cut a lot of me out because I was too light of a character in the depressing movie about suicide. I have also written and sold and had produced by disney a story called “Victim of Help,” I also starred and shot an entire feature film in Germany that never got released for some reason, wrote and published my own joke book and went on a book tour across the US and the TV an Rado shows. I also had Metro Films write a script about my crazy childhood, but my parents wouldn’t sign off because it portrayed them too accurately, and I was minor, so It never got produced, but it made it to The Variety…lol. I think it was called: Michael Kenworthy, Caught in the fire. Currently, I have numerous inventions in Walmart’s all across the world, and plan on developing and producing a new one this year, but not for Walmart. I have had a very interesting life.
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