Michael Comeau

(Poster Artist)

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Michael Comeau


Most people in the city would recognize Michael Comeau's event posters that line Toronto's streets, but few would probably know that Comeau is actually a man of many hats. A graduate at OCAD in 1999 for photography, he found early success with a couple of commissions but after they were completed, photography work pretty much dried up.

With few other options readily apparent, Comeau decided to further explore the art of postering. He had designed a bunch of posters while in school and over the years built up a bit of a following. Prospects were bright enough that he opened up the Penny Arcade Low Art Print Shoppe and Gallery in Kensington Market.

After a year, Comeau closed the gallery and focused exclusively on printing posters. He soon joined the Punch Clock Print Collective which he's been a member of ever since.

Comeau describes the collective as a great community and politically aware space that combines art and activism. An advocate for the arts in Toronto, he's also the Director for the Cut and Paste Zine Fair and is the lead voice for the local community against the city of Toronto's attempts to ban postering.

In recent years he's exhibited his work at Magic Pony and started silkscreening houseware items like sheets and curtains. Currently, Comeau is taking a bit of time off to recover from a repeated stress injury but in the meantime he's learning to draw with his right hand, playing in a band and working on a new book.