Michael Banks

(Artist - Sugar Fueled)

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Michael Banks


In a far away land called imagination...

I paint candy filled scenes with broken stars that represent perseverance, bubbles of happiness and paint dripping clouds that symbolize the never ending brainstorm in my mind. Im addicted to sugar, caffeine, women, big eyes, color, disney, music, movies, art, toys, junk, cats, nature, cleaning & running. That's my life and through my art you can read my stories. I have worked for Topps - Mars Attacks & Star Wars Sketch Cards, Lucas Films, and Crypotozoic - Adventure Time Sketch Cards. I have been featured in

Three Apples - Hello Kitty 35th Book, Peel - The Art of the Sticker Book, Art Takes Times Square Book, Stickers - From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art Book, Hi-Fructose Magazine, Surface Area Magazine, Tattoo Flash Magazine, Dis Colouring Book #2, Urbnpop Comics Illustrated #1 & #3, Color Ink Book, Nothing To Nobody Magazine #12, Ann Beretta Comic. Check out more of my work at www.sugarfueled.com.