Meredith Moriarty
(Hound Comics Lead Artist: Jaguar, Illustrator)
*Courtesy Oz Wars Promotions
Meredith MoriartyAlthough she has always enjoyed drawing, Meredith Moriarty didn’t decide to pursue art professionally until her freshman year of college. After a particularly lousy year at Penn State, she transferred to the University of Pittsburgh with the intent of selecting a major that combined her love of visual arts with her interest in technology.

Meredith graduated from Pitt in 2011 with a degree in Information Sciences, and began working as a freelance artist, dabbling in comics, illustration, game art, and web design. She has since had the pleasure of collaborating with a variety of clients, including a local record label and several independent game developers. She is currently working as the lead artist on the upcoming Hound Comics title, “Jaguar House.”
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