Menton J. Matthews III “Menton3
(Artist - MONOCYTE; Crawl to Me; That Hellbound Train; Vampires vs. Robots; Silent Hill: Past Life)
Menton J. Matthews III <br>“Menton<sup>3</sup>”Menton J. Matthews III aka menton3 is a writer, fine artist, and illustrator. His techniques and subjects draw heavily from old masterworks, alchemical writings, symbology, and Jungian psychology.

He is co-writer/artist on the creator-owned book MONOCYTE coming out from IDW this October. Currently, he’s series cover artist on IDW’s Crawl to Me and That Hellbound Train. Future announced projects include Vampires vs. Robots with writer Steve Niles, as well as art for the story “The Hound” in the four-issue series H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror and illustrations for The Lovecraft Library, Vol. 1: Out of Arkham, both being published by IDW in October this year.

menton3 was cover/interior artist on the four-issue IDW series Silent Hill: Past Life. Additional work for IDW has included being a featured artist on the series Zombies vs. Robots: Aventure and cover art for The Classics Mutilated. Other work includes an upcoming cover for Dark Horse, cover artist on Proof Endangered #5 by Image, and pin-ups in Wire Hangers #3 by IDW and Proof #25 by Image Comics.

At the core of menton3’s comics-related work is his creator-owned graphic novel series Ars Memoria, a dark and visually striking story of how a man’s quest to resolve the singular tragic event of his past ends up leading him face first with the darkest recesses of himself.
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