McLain McGuire

(EIC/Designer/Creator/Letterer - Electron Boy; Dead Robot; Blood & Thunder; CCP Comics)

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McLain McGuire is editor-in-chief of CCP Comics, a collective of writers and artists creating comic books in the Austin, Texas area. McLain is the creator of the comics Dead Robot, Station 39, and Clean Up. McLain is in his seventh year of lettering comic books and also works as a graphic designer. His lettering work can be seen in the local comics: Dead Robot, Blood and Thunder, Clean Up Mythica, Capetown, Electron Boy, Reichenbach, Father Faust, Station 39 and many more. Mclain's work on the MYTHICA animation score can be found at He is looking forward to expanding his career in the comic industry, one comic book at a time. Away from the comic world, McLain can be found in the music studios recording his seventh career album for the progressive rock band Taken By Others. Out of all of this, McLain finds his most fulfilling moments in hustling for the boys and girls of CCP Comics.