Don't miss Mike Allred at Big Apple Comic-Con
MADMAN WRITER AND ARTIST MIKE ALLRED ROCKETS INTO BIG APPLE COMIC-CON Mike Allred began his comic career with independent projects like DEAD AIR, GRAPHIQUE MUSIQUE and the similarly titled GRAFIK MUZIK.

Over the course of many years in the industry, Allred has gone on to become one of the most acclaimed comic creators with several projects under his belt; including X-STATIX, ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP, BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE, POPGUN, SOLO, THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT, CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY, X-MEN UNLIMITED, BART SIMPSONíS TREEHOUSE OF HORROR and Kevin Smithís BLUNTMAN & CHRONIC.

Allred even made a cameo appearance in Smithís film, CHASING AMY and also provided all of the Bluntman & Chronic artwork seen within the film.

Allred is best known for his original creation, MADMAN. Created in 1990, the story focuses on Frank Einstein, a hitman who was killed in a car accident, then stitched back together and brought to life with off-kilter paranormal abilities in a series of colorful adventures. Madmanís popularity has grown throughout several different series and miniseries and he has even crossed over with SUPERMAN and NEXUS.

Allred has also created other success titles that share the Madman universe, including THE ATOMICS as well as his science-fiction/rock-and-roll comic RED ROCKET 7.

More recently, Allred has drawn three issues of FABLES and is contributing the art for a METAMORPHO comic strip with writer Neil Gaiman in WEDNESDAY COMICS. He is also working on his magnum opus; THE GOLDEN PLATES, which is a comic book adaptation of The Book of Mormon.

Allred is coming to the Big Apple Comic-Con October 16-18 to sign autographs and greet fans. Donít miss your chance to meet this legendary artist!

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