Matt Valentine

(Contestant - Face Off)

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Matt Valentine


Matt Valentine is a completely self taught artist. Known for his hyper stylized conceptual designs he received the moniker, makeup's MVP and The Pimp Of Darkness. Matt has most recently competed on SyFy's hit TV series, Face Off and instantly became a fan favorite with his uniquely stylized esthetic. Matt believes his purpose and duty as an artist is to save the horror industry. His philosophy is that horror must be lethal, controversial and dangerous to be worthwhile. Taking a very psychological approach to making monsters he tries to interject subliminal esoteric symbolism into each piece he creates. Matt is weary of predisposed horror and wants to introduce original terrifying abominations unseen before to traumatize the masses.

Matt has a vast history of video commercial production, directing, graphic design, sculpting, painting, costume fabrication, set design, acting, voice over and marketing. His artwork has appeared everywhere from art shows, websites, billboards, the SXSW film festival bumpers and most recently SyFy's hit series Face Off.

Matt's work has gained accolades from MSN, Wall St. Journal, Travel Channel, Haunt World Magazine and America Haunts.
 He is also the former Art Director and creative mind behind America's #5 ranked haunted attraction in the nation, The House of Torment.

Matt currently operates his own multimedia FX studio, Global Fear Enterprises. The studio specializes in design and creation of makeup, prosthetics, conceptual design, video production, props, FX costumes and custom creations. Global Fear Enterprise's clients have been top Horror Attractions in the nation to Rob Zombie. An FX studio bent on global domination one continent at a time.