Matt Swan


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Matt Swan


I am a Portland resident and have been for the past two years. I live in the Southeast with my wife Erin, two dogs (Lucy the Frenchie and Spock the Bosty) and our jerk cat, Ninja Bruce. I was raised in Alabama, attended college at the University or North Alabama where I studied Fine Arts. I was introduced to many different media: ceramics, acrylic paints, printmaking etc but inevitably I would always gravitate back to illustration.

Ever since I read my first comic (Dr Doom vs the Red Skull), I was hooked. Even as a young child I emulated the art of my favorite comics: Fantastic Four, Star Wars, Captain America, Batman and many more. Every spare second of my youth was spent with paper and pencil on whatever hard surface I could find to draw on. To this day I sketch and doodle when there is a spare moment. I enjoy illustrating anything and everything that makes me laugh and I love to geek out on the little detailsthe ones that no one is ever going to notice. I am drawn (no pun intended) to the bizarre and weird and love to smash contrasting ideas together in the same image.