Matt Snipes
(Creator/Artist - Meta 4; Spade)
Matt SnipesJon and Matt met at church at a young age, but it wasn’t until The Dark Knight they discovered how awesome comics were. More than that, they discovered how fun it was to create comics, with Jon creating THE FASCINATING FLYBOY and Matt creating SPADE. Since then, they’ve transitioned to making the quarterly e-zine THE GAUNTLET, featuring a new superhero team, META 4, and other comics alongside short stories and art. The magazine, and their site, GRAPHICLYCHRISTIAN.COM, are dedicated to producing quality art from a religious perspective, as well as connecting Christian artists across the globe.

They will be joined by Jason Farren, whose work has shown at the Gallery at Cafeito. His work can also be found at

Come find us at the Graphicly Christian Comics booth in Artist Alley!
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