Matt Osborne

(Former WWF Wrestler)

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Matt Osborne


Matt Osborne has been involved in the world of professional wrestling his entire life. His father Tough Tony Borne was a top card all over the country in the late 50's and 60's. In 1962 the Osborne's settled in Portland, Oregon where Tony was a top draw for the next 12 years. Matt, at the age of 16 would drive the ring truck, set the ring up, tear the ring down and be the time keeper for wrestling shows around the northwest. After Matt's junior year at Southern Oregon University he decided he wanted to follow his fathers footsteps and had his first match Dec. 8th 1978 at the Portland Sports Arena. He wrestled in the northwest for the next year then moved to the Carolina's to be a part of the NWA.

In 1980 he tag-teamed with the late Buzz Sawyer and became the Mid-Atlantic tag team champs. After a year in the Carolina's Matt moved around the country wrestling for several organizations. The WWF hired Matt in 1985 and Matt became Maniac Matt Borne. Matt was on the very first Wrestlemania where he wrestled Ricky The Dragon Steamboat where, many have said, was the best match on the card. For the WWF in 1985 and 86 Matt travelled around the world to such places as Egypt, Japan, Australia and europe. This gave Matt the experience he needed to create his own persona and he was known as a vicious competetor. In 1986 Matt moved to Dallas and became part of World Class Championship Wrestling where he quickly became a main event card. For the next 5 years he wrestled in World class with trips to Japan each year.

In 1991 Matt was contracted by WCW to wrestle as a new character. Big Josh was created and Matt fit the bill. He was a lumberjack from the North Woods. This was a big step for Matt and was a sweet precursor to what was to follow. The WWF contracted Matt, after his contract expired with WCW, and the character Doink The Clown was created. This was a huge step for Matt because there's a fine line between success and failure with a character like this.

Matt did his homework, he studied Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Caesar Romero as the Joker and formed his own JOKER in DOINK Doink skyrocketed to the top in the WWF and seemed to have a cult like following in no time. Wrestlemania 9 saw Doink squared off with Crush in one of the featured matches. Matt as Doink had some classic matches with the likes of Randy Macho Man Savage, Mr Perfect Curt Hennig, Bret The Hitman Hart and Bam Bam Bigalo. Then in 1994 Matt's personal life took a turn downward and sunk into alcohol and drug abuse and was released from the WWF. After taking some time away from the fast lane he tended to the problems at hand and since has become clean and sober for several years. Matt now travels the country and still wrestles and does appearances. Many have tried to immulate Matt as Doink but noone can seem to pull it off. When asked what Matt thinks about others doing the character that he created in the WWF he says, Doink was created with my personality and as far as I know, nobody can be cloned!

Throughout Matt's 33 yr career He has held many titles and tag titles including the World Heavyweight Championship he won from Jerry The King Lawyer at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas in 1989.