Matt Boomer McDowell

(Writer - Nephilites I & II; Bellatorum; and Prophets)

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Matt "Boomer" McDowell is from the beautiful and artistic city of Charlottesville Virginia. He has been involved in the arts in many and various forms since he was very young. Travel is another passion and he has been to 26 countries and counting. Matt is a former Marine and currently works for the Department of Defense as an Operations Officer. He has had six combat deployments as a DoD civilian. Most of his friends call him Boomer from his love of Karaoke and his ability to be loud if necessary. Besides writing graphic novels and screenplays, Boomer loves to make Mead, frequent boutique vineyards and restaurants, fly to Vegas for MMA fights, take the train to NYC for Broadway, and support independent sci-fi and fantasy artistic endeavors. Currently Matt has four graphic novels out: Nephilites I & II, Bellatorum, Prophets, and runs the website!! Stop by and say hi!!