Matthew Swauger

(Trilobite Galaxy)

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Matthew Swauger


Trilobite Galaxy is Megan Cittadino and Matthew Swauger, a pair of comic artists who have been living together for years and each bring their own style of art and comics to the... well... table. Recently they have decided to expose themselves to the world and see if they like what were showing.

Currently, Megan is a Moore graduate and is working on her comic, Marty Flemming and the Dinosaurs ( and originates from glamorous coastal New Jersey. She is a freelance illustrator, comic artist, comic book fan, video game enthusiast, and all around BEAUTIFUL/AMAZING/INTELLIGENT/TALENTED LADY who is gonna get all modest when she finds out I wrote her bio while she was sleeping.

Matthew is an illustrator and comic making college dropout who arrived in New Jersey some years ago from decadent Middle-of-Nowhere, Ohio. His current project is Bayou Friends (soon to be found here: which he works on while he's not just making random illustrations, listening to music and all around complaining about stuff. He also has a soft spot for downright gawdy shirts.