Matthew Mossotti
(Creator/Writer - The SpeciMen Trilogy: Out of This World Alive; Panopticon and the Love Resistance; The Final Cause)
Matthew MossottiMatthew Mossotti (Philosopher, Screenwriter, Musician, Actor, Fitness Model) is making his debut in the world of graphic storytelling with the SpeciMen Trilogy, a “Star Wars-meets-The Matrix” action-adventure epic. Fusing concepts from old-World mythologies with theories from cutting-edge physics and alternative history, Mossotti draws from the depths of his extensive studies of the classic works from Homer, Plato, Dante, Milton, Newton, and Lewis to introduce a fresh and stirring take on how global intrigue on Planet Earth finds its place in the struggle of good and evil in the cosmos.

Adapting the entire trilogy from three feature-length screenplays, Mossotti teamed up with Joe Dodd (Illustrator) and Josh Rowan (Creative Director/Colorist) to create the first 84-page episode of SpeciMen, “Out of This World Alive,” which has been broken into a four-part comic series that features limited edition covers from E Bas and Blake Henrikson.
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