Matthew J. Fletcher
Matthew J. FletcherMatthew J. Fletcher is a Connecticut-based artist. Working primarily in pen/ink, watercolor, and digital mediums, Matthew immerses himself in the worlds of superheroes, robots, and monsters. Matthew is the featured artist on 7th Voyage, a full-length graphic novel, published by Red Stylo Media. Matthew’s past comic work includes pencils/ink on Wheresoever Lies Tragedy, If Love Endureth Forever, a 10-page short in the Shakespeare Shaken Anthology, published by Red Stylo Media, as well as illustrating a short story for Nevermorecomic.comthology. Matthew has also been a sketch card artist for The Walking Dead Trading Cards, Series II, put out by Cryptozoic, as well as sketch cards for the Classic Mythology and Spellcasters trading card sets put out by Perna Studios. In addition to his comic and illustration work, Matthew’s work has been featured on the cover and interior of Thunk Magazine,and has had his original works have been featured in galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York.
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