Mat Festa

(Comickist - Misrri Nobis; Passage: The World Called Mother; The Princess and the Dragon)

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Mat Festa


Mat Festa is an author, artist, illustrator, and self-publisher of graphic novels. Artistically his work is best described as feminist mysticism while his comic works span a wide range of styles and genres. His first graphic novel, Misrri Nobis, is a dark and esoteric drama about a single mother searching for her abducted daughter and all the people whose lives intertwine with hers along her journey. His second work, Passage: The World Called Mother, is the first of what will be a four book series. An expansive and operatic sci-fi tale the first book of Passage tells the story of an alien world in the midst of a violent and profound social revolution - a conflict between the traditional social hierarchy and a relatively new uprising religion - seen through the eyes of one young girl growing up in the midst of it all. Mat's current graphic novel project, The Princess and the Dragon, is a fairytale with an undercurrent of feminist mysticism. It explores the way in which the media influences the lives and minds of young girls by forming the narratives of their childhoods. A experimental work long in the making The Princess and the Dragon will incorporate numerous artistic styles and mediums. Mat has also contributed works to Jon Michael Lennon's Product of Society anthology and edited and illustrated the graphic novel A Drifter Midnight created and written by Brennan Dortch.