Mary Louise Davie

(Author - Sanacion the Black Hole Mission; Sanacion II: We Are the Aliens; Sanacion III: Remnants of the Dome)

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Mary Louise Davie is an author of hard Science Fiction; a form of Science Fiction that offers validity in the details scientific or technical. Having a background that includes working as a Chemist, then working in IT, but most of all a love of Theoretical physics she is able to draw on that background to create reality within her fiction.

Davie has attended numerous NASA events as a guest, most recently a night-time launch of the TDRS-L satellite and is in awe of everything NASA does & represents including the commercial companies now included in the charge to space.

Works to date are the Sanacion series (Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission, Sanacion I: We Are the Aliens, and Sanacion III: Remnants of the Dome) and Target Earth: You Only See What You Want To.