Martha Wells
(Author - The Cloud Roads ; The Element of Fire; City of Bones; Wheel of the Infinite; The Wizard Hunters; The Death of the Necromancer)
Martha WellsMartha Wells is the author of eleven SF/F novels, including “The Element of Fire,” “City of Bones,” “Wheel of the Infinite,” “The Wizard Hunters,” and the Nebula-nominated “The Death of the Necromancer.” Her most recent novel is “The Cloud Roads” published by Night Shade Books. She has had short stories in “Realms of Fantasy,” “Black Gate,” “Lone Star Stories,” and the anthologies “Elemental” and “The Year's Best Fantasy #7,” and essays in the nonfiction anthologies “Farscape Forever” and “Mapping the World of Harry Potter.” She also has two Stargate Atlantis media-tie-in novels “Reliquary” and “Entanglement.” Her books have been published in seven languages, including French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Dutch.
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