Mark Beachum

(Artist - Alienzkin; Razmataz; Hustler Comix; Penthouse Comix; Vampirella; Spider-Man; Samuree)

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Mark Beachum


mNem0sys [aka: mark beachum]

Known for a dynamic and highly eroticized approach to the female figure, Mark Beachum is one those artists whose work is appreciated by both comic art fans, artists and photographers alike for his provocative imagery and experimental, unique design sensibilities. His early work for DC, Marvel and Continuity hinted at a point of view that mainstream publishers were not, and still, are not ready to deal with. His erotically charged style was 25 years ahead of it's time and was impeded by a spineless industry that gives much lip service to adult oriented material but in reality conforms to mainstream modes of thematic expression.

Somewhere during the 90's and after becoming fed up with the media corporations ruining the marketplace he segued into the digital multi-media possibilities that came with working on the computer and began a 10 year creative exploration pushing the boundaries of erotica/design/art/narrative and anticipating the current explosion of so called edgy material saturating the mainstream media machine.

Taking cues from the works of Helmut Newton, Bob Carlos Clark, David Lynch, Shinya Tsukamoto and the sensibility referenced by cyberpunk, Marks return to analog media with synthetik:xs raises the bar for what a graphic album can be!