Marina Sirtis

(Actress - Star Trek: The Next Generation [Deanna Troi])

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Marina Sirtis



Marina Sirtis is Counselor Deanna Troi, a half-human/half-alien (Betazoid) empath with the ability to read emotions and sense what is happening around her. Deanna is also a very wise person with extensive knowledge of philosophy, psychology and different religions, and is called on to advise Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) in a variety of situations, says Marina.

During the show's fifth season hiatus, Marina ventured into her own new frontier: marriage. A June bride, Marina wed musician Michael Lamper in a traditional Greek ceremony.

Born in East London to Greek parents, and brought up in North London, Marina attended the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama. Shortly after graduation, she became a member of the Worthing Repertory Theater, where she portrayed Ophelia in Hamlet, among other classical roles.

Marina has worked extensively in British television, in musical theater and in repertory companies throughout England and Europe. In addition to appearing in the feature film The Wicked Lady with Faye Dunaway, Marina revealed her considerable vocal talents in a European tour of the immensely popular Rocky Horror Show. During the third season hiatus, Marina returned to England, where she filmed the feature One Last Chance for the BBC, which was shot on location in London and Windsor. As well, Marina played a cameo role in the film Waxwork II: Adventures in Time. Marina could also be heard as the voice of Demona on the TV show Gargoyles.

Marina has recently done voice over work for a 'star Trek: Next Generation episode on Family Guy and she will also be doing a voice on the upcoming Fox series The Cleveland Show. The show is a Family Guy spin-off.