Maria Gelman

(Owner/Designer/Artist/Writer - Destiny Studios )

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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Maria Gelman


Looking for that perfect gift That personalized, individual gem that will have you and your friends skipping with joy Look no further than Destiny Studios. Here you can choose from a range of hand-crafted items for every fandom and every age. From hand-cast and linked (hypoallergenic) Steampunk jewelry to Gothic Victorian pendants, resin-cast bottle caps and original artwork, we have it all and it's all hand-made.

Come visit us in the Artist Alley and catch a glimpse of the original creator of the MEEPLE! What's that Why, it's the BEST way to accessorize with your favorite characters! Hand-painted on a half-inch wooden sphere, the head of your favorite guy or gal. We have The Doctor, Super Heroes, Star Wars- even Adventure Time, Final Fantasy and Portal. With over 300 types, (ALL hand-painted under a magnifying glass) there is something for everyone. Dont see what you want I will MAKE it for you! Meeple are accessory charms! The can be put on a Nintendo DS, 3DS or DSI. They can go on a PSP and VITA. They can dangle from a camera, zipper or con badge! BUT most spectacularly- the cell-phone! YES! I can put them on smart phones too. Really! Dont think you can have one YOU CAN! Dont believe me Come see it!

Visit my Deviant Art for more pics!