Marguerite Van Cook

(Writer/Colorist - The Late Child and Other Animals; 7 Miles a Second)

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Marguerite Van Cook


Marguerite Van Cook came to New York with her punk band The Innocents after touring the UK with The Clash. She stayed and opened the seminal installation gallery Ground Zero with her partner James Romberger. Her own works as an artist and filmmaker have placed her in many museum collections.

Van Cook has written and colored for Vertigo/DC on Deadenders, Lucifer and their anthology titles such as Weird War, Gangland, Flinch, Heart Throbs and Strange Adventures. She also colored a run of stories for Papercutz/NBM's update of Tales from the Crypt. Her color work on the acclaimed graphic memoir 7 Miles a Second, a collaborative project with James Romberger and the late David Wojnarowicz garnered her a nomination for a 2014 Eisner Award for Best Painter/Multimedia Artist. In 2015 Fantagraphics released her generational graphic memoir The Late Child and Other Animals with James Romberger.