Marc Deering
(Inker - Justice League of America; Supergirl; Batman; Green Lantern; The Savage Hawkman; Injustice: Gods Among Us; Doctor Who; Superman/Batman; Batgirl; Smallville; Spike)
Marc DeeringMarc Deering has been reading comics and drawing since he was a wee lad. Hes been working professionally in them since 2003. Hes worked for just about everyone to include Image, Avatar Press, DDP,Archaia, DC Comics, and IDW as well as many other smaller publishers. Titles have ranged from Blacklight, ShadowHawk, DemonSlayer, Grimms Fairy Tales, Supergirl, London Horror Comic, DragonLance, Resident Evil Supergirl, Adventure Comics, Spike: The Devil You know, Green Lantern, Justice League of America and Miranda Mercury.

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