The Mandi Monster aka Mandi Hidalgo Making Nightmares “Dreamy!”
(Artist - Mandiland Productions)
The Mandi Monster <br>aka Mandi Hidalgo <br>Making Nightmares “Dreamy!”Born and raised in the extremely small town of Church Point, Louisiana, I had to use my vivid imagination to create a world worth living in. I’ve created Mandiland...better than Candyland and twice as sweet. It’s a place filled with images of horror with colors so bright and cheerful that it leaves you confused and happy all at the same time. Bob Ross, Tim Burton and Salvador Dali are my biggest inspirations. What you get is cartoony macabr images revolving around love and death with happy, little blood spatter instead of “happy, little trees”. When I’m not drawing, I’m either writing poetry or short stories, modeling for various pinup projects or banging away on my piano and singing. Welcome to Mandiland!

Peace, Love, & Brains,
Mandi Hidalgo.
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