Maia Cooper
(Artist - Champions of Erendil)
Maia CooperLuna and Maia are the co-creators of Champion Comics, which publishes the comic book series Champtions of Erendil. They have done caricatures at Artsfest in Springfield for three years running and have been drawing for almost thirteen years. They have several other stories in the works, also to be published by their company, Champion Comics, including the miniseries Misfits as well as two super hero books, Artemis and Blackfire Matrix. They've been to several local cons, inlcuding G.A.M.E and Visioncon in Springfield, and Planet Comiccon in Kansas City. Champions of Erendil is available in several comic books stores in Springfield, inlcuding Collect-O-Maniacs, Vintage Stock, and the Comic Cave, as well as Star Clipper in St. Louis.
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