Zev Hurwich
MARVELOUS COMICS PANELCarlos Pachenko and Chris Choi talk about Marvel Comics The first panel of the weekend opens with a talk about two very different, but very cool artists for Marvel.

Carlos Pachenko, the Spanish artist whos currently working on Ultimate Avengers (and has an awesome accent), and Mike Choi who draws X-Force.

The panel started out with questions from moderator Mike Cotton, about getting into the industry. Both artists started out as fans of comics, who one day just decided to start drawing. Carlos Pachenko started his story saying Im just a geek, and you can tell that these artists are fanboys first. They continued to talk about the titles that they were working on, describing the difficulties of getting them out on time, and the joys of the medium. Mike Choi spoke about collaborating with Eisner writers like Ed Brukaker, saying how at first it was nerve wracking but as they continued the relationship it became much more fluid and collaborative.

As the panel went on the audience began to get more involved in asking questions, and the artists became more relaxed, really getting into the experience. It was an informative and intimate panel, the first of many great ones planed over the course of Big Apple Comic Con.

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