Lysa Shin Zen

(Artist - Zen vs. Zombies)

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Lysa Shin Zen


Lysa Shin is a comic book illustrator, colorist, and photographer. She comes from a fine arts background, as well as a cartoonist background. Her grandmother was her greatest influence in the world of art, whose paintings were seen all throughout New York City. Her great uncle, an illustrator and colorist, worked on the popular cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle. Lysa Shin has combined the talents of her grandmother and uncle to create a unique style that is both sophisticated and humorous.

Her main work has been movie posters for horror films. She has worked with various companies, such as Troma. She has also worked with various comic book artists and writers, such as Lew Morgan, Sean Taylor, and Landon Pitts. Her artwork has been featured at several science fiction and fantasy conventions. Such as Dragon Con, Atlanta Comics Convention, Atlanta Comics Expo, Momocon, Capricon and some others.

She is currently working on an independent comic book called Zen vs. Zombies, a comedic/horrific adventure featuring a bioengineered attractive redhead warrior who specializes in killing...ZOMBIES! She is also working on a coffee table photography book called The Art of Martial, a photographic journey through the lives of various martial artists from all walks of life and styles of fighting. In addition, she is working on the graphics and photography for a martial arts book, Jiu-Jitsu Practice Sequences, written by her teacher, Chief Instructor of the Tenchu School of Martial Arts, Sensei Jonathan Forrester.

Her future projects include a seven-issue graphic novel series called The Seven Deadly Sins of the Human Condition. She will be working in conjunction with several writers as they explore human nature and the traditional seven deadly sins. Some of the writers she will be working with are Sean Taylor, Bobby Nash, and B. Caleb Goodson.