Luke Vaan-Horne

(Artist - Romper Zombie)

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Luke Vaan-Horne


Luke Vaan-Horne was a dark artist from the moment his pudgy little hands were able to set crayon to paper. He was the kid that loved Halloween better than Christmas, rooted for Godzilla and Dracula, and really worried his conservative parents. It was very clear early on that Luke wanted to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year.

WIth a degree in business, Luke traveled to Europe where he resided for three years to study art before returning to the U.S. to settle down into a career of painting. Five years ago, Luke realized that his love of vintage toys, having an imagination that never grew up, and his first love of horror would culminate in his sculpture series Romper Zombie. Having developed the Romper Zombie lore and franchise over the past four years, Luke and his dedicated staff are very proud to be able to present to children of all ages 31 of the baddest, coolest, most outrageous, terrifyingly cute and lovable zombies and zombie hunters the world has ever known.

Luke currently lives and runs a ragtag team of exhausted horror artists from his secret underground lair in Atlanta, Georgia with his spectacular (and less tolerant than desired) ball and chain, a hygienically-challenged son (when he's not away at college), and two of the ugliest dogs youve ever seen.

To learn more about Romper Zombie products and to receive updates on the upcoming RZ mobile app please visit us at:
http://www.romperzombie or

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