Luke Smarto
(Sketch Card Artist - Marvel Universe 2011; Lady Death; The Pro; Hack/Slash; Manga Mandy)
Luke SmartoInitially constructed using the chassis of a discarded Gerald R. Ford animatronic from the Hall of Presidents, Luke Smarto was later upgraded with porcine valves. His 80 to 120 billion neurons emit an array of concepts within the cognitive sciences which he struggles to express. Although, through a series of advances to this modelís haptic technology, he has adapted and combined many devices including pencils, pens, inks, paints, and computing instruments. Equipped with actuators that can be either electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, piezoelectric or ultrasonic, the Luke Smarto prototype attempts to reveal artificial constructs utilizing ontological engineering and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Currently his sketch card work can be seen in numerous sets including 2012 Marvels Greatest Heroes, Marvel Universe 2011, DCís New 52, Zenescopes Grimm Fairytales, Jim Mahfoods Mixtape, The Pro, Hack/Slash, Lady Death, Nevermore Alice and Nevermore Alice Flux.

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