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WWE® Superstar Luke Harper™
(WWE® Superstar)
*Appearing SATURDAY 1:00PM - 4:00PM
WWE® Superstar <br>Luke Harper™They’re here.

The haunting Wyatt Family has arrived in WWE, and the trio’s message to anyone who steps in their way is simple: “Run.”

Strong, erratic and strange, Luke Harper doesn’t say much, but when he does, it’s with a purpose.

Bray Wyatt unleashed the monstrous Luke Harper to herald The Wyatt Family’s debut, joining the equally terrifying Erick Rowan in a vicious attack on WWE’s resident monster, Kane. The Family’s eccentric leader watched the carnage from ringside in a rocking chair, eventually rising to survey the destruction with an evil cackle.

Wyatt cryptically spoke in the ensuing weeks, urging everyone listening to "follow the buzzards." Harper and Rowan finally made their in-ring debut on the July 26 edition of SmackDown, quickly dismantling Tons of Funk. At SummerSlam, Kane and Wyatt battled in a Ring of Fire Match, with Harper and Rowan watching intently from the outside. Wyatt’s heavies showed they were just as cunning as their leader, extinguishing the flames to help their leader dismantle The Big Red Monster and drag him off into the unknown.

The Wyatt Family then turned its attention to Daniel Bryan, breaking the bearded wonder down to the point where he joined their creepy clan, though only for a few weeks. The trio then clashed with The Shield in a series of battles that had the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats before turning their attention toward WWE’s most popular Superstar: John Cena.

With Harper and Rowan standing beside him, Bray Wyatt has remained steadfast in his quest to end John Cena. Despite the setback of Wyatt’s defeat at WrestleMania 30, Harper has been at the forefront of Wyatt’s crusade against Cena in recent weeks. The big man clashed with Cena on Monday Night Raw from England, weakening Cena for a vicious attack from the rest of The Wyatt Family. Though Bray fell to Cena at WWE Payback, The Wyatt Family left a horrific impression on the popular Superstar.

Now, Harper & Rowan have turned their full attention to the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos. With Bray Wyatt missing on Monday Night Raw, Harper & Rowan declared that they would be taking up Wyatt’s cause in his absence and made a huge statement by defeating the champions in a non-title match.

Not much is known about Harper, but The Wyatt Family’s assaults of various Superstars have told the WWE Universe all they needed to know. With unbridled fury in his eyes, Harper has unbelievable speed for someone his size. As Wyatt leads Harper and Rowan into battle and the trio unleashes its grisly vision on WWE, who knows what destruction awaits.

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