Lora Innes

(Writer/Artist - The Dreamer; American Splendor)

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Lora Innes


Lora Innes began her four-time Harvey Award nominee, The Dreamer, as a webcomic in 2007 and it quickly grew a large, devoted following online. IDW Publishing has published the first three graphic novels. The Dreamer follows the story of Beatrice Whaley, a teenage girl who begins dreaming nightly about the American Revolutionary War. But are these just dreams, or something more Updates online every Friday. www.thedreamercomic.com.

Innes is also the founder of the Comic Creators for Freedom, a group of over 100 creators united to raise money and awareness to fight human trafficking in the world today. Together they have raised nearly $30,000. www.comiccreatorsforfreedom.com

Innes is also co-host of the Paper Wings Podcast, a show devoted to elevating the craft of making comics. www.paperwingspodcast.com