Lincoln Farquharson

(Writer - FarCorners)

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Lincoln Farquharson


Lincoln Farquharson has been writing since he was 11 years old with Star Trek and X-Men as his main sources of inspiration. He spent countless hours drafting up stories of super hero characters and acting them out in his basement, an activity his younger brother would call powering. He also wrote poems, one of which he was asked to read for his 8th grade graduation, short detective stories, and started on a full novel, all before his freshman year in high school. But life took him down a different path and writing had quickly become an old hobby. While serving in the US Navy, he discovered a game called Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), and after quickly learning the art of the game, took up the role of Dungeon Master (DM). As the DM he would spend time drafting up a story for the players and creating numerous scenarios in anticipation of the player's possible choices throughout the game. This caused his passion for creating stories to resurface, and from D&D he essentially wrote a fictional novel, using the player's actual choices and actions during the game as part of the book. Unfortunately, the story was written as notes on sheets of paper and with the transient life he lived at the time, he lost all of it.

Two years after leaving the Armed Forces in 2005, Lincoln decided to go back to college and he had no desire to write. His focus was different and he was carving out a new career path. Still, due to different jobs he had and assignments from college, he continued to perfect the art of writing and storytelling, albeit not for leisurely purposes. In the summer of 2013, Lincoln began looking for an artist to design a logo for a new business venture he was exploring. While scouring the internet and various facebook groups, he stumbled upon several groups for comic book artists. Immediately, Lincoln went back to his old work from the 90s and began updating and revamping the entire storylines. He connected with an inker and in less than four months, the two became business partners. The rest is FarCorners history!