Les Von Hebal
(Sir Reel: Theatre of the Mind)
Les Von HebalSir Reel: Theatre of the Mind is the first story in the Sir Reel Mythos.

Sir Reel is the knight who protects the boundary between reality and fantasy.

Follow renowned forensic psychiatrist Victor Guytan, as he embarks on a journey into the psychotic world of a schizophrenic patient suspected of murder!

In a psychological game of cat & mouse, as each new piece of the puzzle is revealed, Victor’s world becomes entwined with that of the psychotic killer; and the boundary between fantasy and reality is blurred!

Caught in a web of deception, Victor is confronted with his dark past, and forced to suspend his belief of reality in order to solve the mystery surrounding the murder!

Written by Ies von Hebal
Art Design by Ies von Hebal
Illustrated by Douglas Brown

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