Leroy Brown

(Creator - ICECUBES)

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Leroy Brown


Ive been drawing comics since I was about 10 years old. Eventually, I grew up and went to art school. In art school I was more into the underground scene and did stuff with guys like Bob Camp (Ren & Stimpy), Wayne White (Pee Wee's Playhouse) and Gary Panter (Raw Magazine). I was published in some NY underground papers in the mid-80s and even showed my comics to Art Spiegelman, hoping to get into RAW Magazine.

At the time, the only way to make a living doing comics was to work for Marvel or DC and I was not really into the superhero genre. Instead I got into computer graphics and went on to work for companies like MTV.

A few years ago I made a conscious decision to start drawing comics again on a regular basis and came up with ICECUBES the comic strip. Surprisingly, the idea formed very quickly and everything seemed to click - the characters, the format, the stories. After unsuccessfully submitting ICECUBES to the large newspaper syndicates, I decided to publish on the web. Although it's sometimes a challenge to be publisher, web designer, merchandiser, cartoonist and publicist all at once, on the upside I am able to control the entire production process and quality.

Today, the first ICECUBES book Noise Is News has been printed in beautiful offset. Additionally, ICECUBES is available on the Amazon Kindle as a collection, and of course continues to be published every week on the web.

I am definitely old school. ICECUBES is entirely drawn by hand using nibs, brushes and India ink. I even do my lettering by hand! Because that seems so strange to many younger cartoonists, I have had many requests to do tutorials of my technique. So recently I started an ICECUBES podcast series for everyone to enjoy.

You can read my comic, buy the book and watch the podcasts by visiting: www.icecubescomic.com.